Voting Countdown
Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Gomorin  27.91%
 Bapple  72.09%  
 Bapple  33.33%
   Levia-Tan  66.67%  
 Darkness Fang Knight  38.3%
 Levia-Tan  61.7%  
 Levia-Tan  31.11%
   Oppai Dragon  68.89%  
 Mil-Tan  34.04%
 Satan Yellow  65.98%  
 Satan Yellow  38.18%
   Oppai Dragon  61.82%  
 Butt Dragon  23.4%%
 Oppai Dragon  76.6%  
 Oppai Dragon  53.49%
   Switch Princess  46.51%
 Satan Green  26.09%
 Satan Pink  73.91%  
 Satan Pink  57.14%
   Danball Vampire God  42.86%  
 Danball Vampire God  57.78%
 Satan Blue  42.22%  
 Satan Pink  26.09%
   Switch Princess  73.91%   Third Place
 Switch Princess  74.47%
 Hell Cat-Chan  25.53%  
 Switch Princess  61.54%  Levia-Tan  73.68%
   Ophis  38.46%    Satan Pink  26.32%
 Ophis  66%
 Satan Red  34%  

The polls will be up for two days. The brackets are done in random through this site: Tournament Bracket Generator - Challonge

Tournament Over!! Our first ever DxD Mascot: Oppai Dragon
The 1st runner up: Switch Princess
The 2nd runner up : Maou Shoujo Levia-Tan

Anyway let the tournament begin.

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