Well i just thought maybe i should release the list of participants for the DxD King tournament early.

  1. Ajuka Beelzebub (Taken by Celoer)
  2. Albion
  3. Arthur Pendragon (Taken by Obey Pyro)
  4. Azazel (Taken by Eraserwan)
  5. Aži Dahāka
  6. Baraqiel
  7. Beowulf
  8. Beruka Furcas
  9. Bikou
  10. Cao Cao (Taken by Akeno Himejima)
  11. Crom Cruach (Taken by Gary299)
  12. Diehauser Belial
  13. Diodora Astaroth
  14. Dulio Gesualdo (Taken by Ixarising)
  15. Ddraig (Taken by Ise-san)
  16. Euclid Lucifuge
  17. Fafnir (Taken by Cheesefactory)
  18. Falbium Asmodeus
  19. Fenrir
  20. Freed Sellzen
  21. Gandoma Balam
  22. Gasper Vladi (Taken by Kusabireika)
  23. Genshirou Saji (Taken by Alcahona1095)
  24. Georg
  25. Great Red (Taken by Bitemetoo)
  26. Grendel
  27. Hades
  28. Heracles
  29. Indra
  30. Issei Hyoudou (Taken by B214)
  31. Kokabiel
  32. Ladon
  33. Ladora Buné
  34. Leonardo
  35. Liban Crocell
  36. Loki
  37. Lord Gremory (Taken by KevinPhilbob)
  38. Loup Garou
  39. MacGregor Mathers
  40. Marius Tepes
  41. Michael
  42. Midgardsormr
  43. Millicas Gremory
  44. Misteeta Sabnock
  45. Odin
  46. Pluto
  47. Regulus
  48. Riser Phenex (Take by KrakenMG)
  49. Rizevim Livan Lucifer (Bobbie Loving Alien)
  50. Sairaorg Bael (Taken by King Cypren)
  51. Shalba Beelzebub
  52. Siegfried
  53. Sirzechs Lucifer (Taken by INoto)
  54. Souji Okita
  55. Sun Wukong
  56. Surtr Second
  57. Tannin
  58. Tobio Ikuse (Taken by AdamantiumBladez)
  59. Vali Lucifer (Taken by Astarothfan)
  60. Valper Galilei
  61. Vasco Strada
  62. Vritra
  63. Yuuto Kiba (Ddraig666)
  64. Zephyrdor Glasya-Labolas

And for a short special tournament i'll do after the DxD Queen tournament. The DxD Mascot tournament. Here's the participants

  1. Ophis (Taken by B214)
  2. Oppai Dragon (Taken by INoto)
  3. Switch Princess (Taken by Astarothfan)
  4. Darkness Fang Knight (Taken by Ise-san)
  5. Hellcat-chan (Taken by Eraserwan)
  6. Danball Vampire God (Taken by Obey Pyro)
  7. Levia-tan (Taken by Akeno Himejima)
  8. Satan Red (Taken by Celoer)
  9. Satan Blue (Taken by Ixarising)
  10. Satan Green (Taken by Alcahona1095)
  11. Satan Yellow (Taken by Bitemetoo)
  12. Satan Pink (Ddraig666)
  13. Bapple (Taken by Gary299)
  14. Gomorin
  15. Butt Dragon (Bobbie Loving Alien)
  16. Mil-tan (Taken by Cheesefactory)

remember to take your nominations now.

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