Since people were complaining so i'll change the function of this blog to another one. Write an unacceptable epilogue to the High School DxD that you would think is unacceptable to happen. It can be an epilogue at any volume or future unknown plots.

For example, Volume 1 - Raynare kills Ise, Rias doesn't arrive and Ise dies. Volume 2 - Ise loses to Riser and Rias marries Riser. Or Volume 3 - Vali doesn't come, Kokabiel kills Ise and the others thus triggering a second Great War. 666 gets unsealed, fights against Great Red and the world gets destroyed.

High School DxD Epilogue, Ise wakes up and realize that all the events throughout DxD was his dream.

Cruel reality for Ise.

  1. Rias and Riser are married.
  2. Akeno has a boyfriend.
  3. Asia, Xenovia and Rose doesn't really exist.
  4. Koneko is a first year who doesn't care about him.
  5. Irina is a guy
  6. Girls still love Kiba.
  7. Ise is still single.
  8. Ise remains a virgin for the rest of his life, spending time watching porn with his forever virgin friends, M&M as they now upgrade from the Perverted Trio to the Virgin for Life Trio.


A second Great War erupted with the entire world involve at the end of the war, everyone aside from Ise and Goristie surviving. Thus the two have to serve as the new Adam and Eve.

P.s. i'll even remove all the r-content in this blog.

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