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    Retirement annoucement

    June 30, 2018 by B214

    It is with a heavy heart that i shall announce my retirement as an active editor of this wiki. I've been here for almost 6 years now and have seen many people come and many people go. Most people rarely even retain. It is my hope and dream that one day DxD will get a long accurate re-adaptation like Fullmetal Alchemist did with Brotherhood now before people go into farewell mode, i'm not leaving the wiki. I will still be around! I will stay to chat and discuss with you all and will still do editing from time to time and actively monitor things so it's not farewell. Anyway on to my successors.

    New High School DxD Wiki organization chart:

    GM of the DxD and Slash Dog (SD) Wiki
    Yours truly B214
    Director of Operations for the DxD wiki
    Crimson and Da…

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    Shin DxD 1 discussion

    June 30, 2018 by B214

    Just a thread in preparation of Shin DxD.

    Rias' clothing is her Azazel Cup clothing.

    Subsequent info below the main tweet.

    1. DxD' logo changed, it now features a Devil and a Dragon AKA Diabolus Dragon.
    2. Ise will get a new peerage member and it's a boy, wait it's Mil-Tan i mean a beautiful girl!!!
    3. Girls aside the guys will also be aiming for Ise. And Kiba is confirmed to be not gay just deeply engrossed with Ise and his body.

    A few info from the quote, too lazy to make a proper translation.

    1. Instead of red hair fetish we got red armour fetish (copy paste edit unlock)
    2. Morisawa and Mil-Tan returns (weird clients return unlock)
    3. Rias announces engagement to Ise (V8 wasn't their engagement check)
    4. The sto…
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    DxD Zero: Sirzechs story

    June 18, 2018 by B214

    Just a rough translation:

    That Day, my destiny seemed to have changed after encountering that girl.

    High school D×D 0

    Prince of Gremory, are you going to change the Underworld? -- Grayfia Lucifuge

    What is being told this time, is a forbidden story--..

    Sirzechs, that strength of yours is way beyond the standards of the Underworld. That excessive power, will make you be sneered by the government. -- Zeoticus Gremory

    The Underworld which has lost the first generation Yondai Maou.

    Grayfia Lucifuge, i've heard rumors about you. I'd love to face you once and find out which of us is stronger. -- Serafall Sitri

    The vigorous heir of the Sitri Clan seeking for a powerful opponent.

    The reason why you have the Powers of Destruction, probably has a lot to do wi…

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  • B214

    Overall it's an enjoyable episode. The action is well paced and the fight wasn't overly drastic for most section. Just have something to complain about the episode.

    1. Gogmagos' introduction. Gogmagog looks lame and useless like a piece of stone in a road side here, he was beaten by a single thrust of a straw like spear (i know it's a Longinus but Gogmagog looks very lame here, felt as if he didn't even need to appear) and disappear just like that. Same with Le Fay. They just poof into thin air.
    2. My biggest nickpick, Siegfried's Dragon Arm. What the hell is that thing even? A human arm painted in silver. Where's the dragon scale on that arm? It looks lame and borderline creepy. It's like he weld a statue into his back, and weld it badly.
    3. Attack o…
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  • B214

    The group of delinquents have arrived! At least that's how i felt when i saw the ending scene. RIP Azazel for 1 episode, we'll welcome you back next week. The ero was not bad but i feel more compelled to talk about something else mainly: M&M and Serafall.

    The anime is making the M&M duo more pitiful. They get KO and abandon by their friends, gets brutalized by female Devils and will continue to suffer non-stop here on out as their miserable lives turn into disastrous life where they'll be poor, alone and virgin. Then they'll both die of cancer before they reach 35. The epitome of a sad life indeed, by the way most of it are made up and untrue.

    As to Serafall, no matter how i look at her, i think of Tohsaka Rin from F/SN. It just feels weird …

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