• B214

    American or British English

    December 1, 2017 by B214

    Since Ravel Guy and Bennia Lover can't stop doing their edit warring over this stupid issue, i have no choice but to do this now. Poll will go for 1 week. Once it's finalise/finalize i expect no more of this.

    Final result:

    1. American English - 139
    2. British English - 51
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  • B214

    Well i don't think i need to say too much, we already got our confirmation after all.

    I'll just complain on one thing, Rossweisse's chin look very terrible here. -__-

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  • B214

    Spoilers and updates for High school DxD Dx.4. You have been warned

    High School DxD Light Novel - DX.4 quotes translation:

    Credit goes to N0m@n for translation.


    Spoilers for Dx4 as told through by various users in animesuki

    Note some of the spoilers may be off so do be patient. Doubtful but a bit caution will do.

    1. The serafall image is not serafall but Sona in costume doing her show for her

    2. Cao Cao defeats Sairaorg (I should stress in the rating game. As in Cao Cao won because some of his team was left standing). Confirmed that Caocao and Sairaorg's fight ended because the time ran out.

    3. Sona looses to Issei (Anybody surprised)

    4. Ravel is able to defeat Tsubaki by using t…

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  • B214

    The one-shot answer ranting

    April 21, 2017 by B214

    Yes the one-shot answering courtesy of yours truly B214. Issues that is plaguing the Wikia.

    1. The Gremory inheritance line
    2. Reincarnated Devils explanation
    3. Pure-blood status to a clan.

    Inheritance line of Gremory,

    Zeoticus > Sirzechs

    But here comes the issue,

    Sirzechs > Lucifer

    Therein lies the problem. There is no heir. Sirzechs doesn't have a son or daughter to fill in his spot he left open. This issue continues till 200+ years later where Rias was born.

    Now question time

    • Sirzechs may have left the clan but his right to inherit the clan was still passed down to his children. However he doesn't have a child.
    • Rias on the other hand is already born.
    • So which do you choose in this situation?
    1. Rias who is born.
    2. Continue waiting for a child which you don't know w…

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  • B214

    Azazel Cup discussion center

    February 19, 2017 by B214

    As per request of your fallen brethren, Crimson and Darkness, this blog has been made.

    You can also discuss which team do you want to see face each other and well literally just anything you want to discuss about the Azazel Cup.

    Have a nice day.

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