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  • B00m666

    The volumes are so ridiciously overpriced ( 2 episodes 49 euros?!) but i'd love to see the bluray for the added scenes.

    Anyone know a good place?

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  • B00m666

    Will Issei eventually end up with Rias.

    I heard the writer of the novels said he wants to have an harem ending, but after some more research, i saw that she became his fiancee and afterwards on the wiki i read that she doesn't mind him having a harem.

    But what makes me unsure is ofcourse that anyone can change a wiki page,

    I also noticed a person saying Rias would eventually become his wife. But im just really talking about issei having actual feelings for her outside of the harem thing ( which of course is still going to happen)

    I really haven't found some concuslive proof on the subject though, the wiki here titled her as a fianciee and said that she accepts Issei's dream of having a harem.

    After all, in that perverted head of his he showed s…

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