So Using Issei Hyoudou As Your King

Choose his Peerage


Gender: Besides Issei They All Have To Be Female.

Pieces: One "Mutation" Queen; One "Mutation" Rook; One "Regular" Rook; One "Mutation" Knight; One "Regular" Knight; One "Mutation" Bishop; One "Regular" Bishop; One "Mutation" Pawn; Seven "Regular" Pawns

Limitation: No High School DxD Characters Besides Issei; Can Be From Any Other Source. Including, But Not Limited To: Light Novels; Manga; Manhwa; Anime; Comic Books; Video Games; Cartoons; Movies; TV Shows; Commercials, Etc.

Please Remember: No Complaining About Other Peoples Choices.

Why Don't I Go First:

King: Issei Hyoudou (DxD - L.N.)

1 M-Queen: Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers - V.G.)

1 M-Rook: Alternate World Female Izayoi Sakamaki (Problem Children - L.N.)

1 R-Rook: Supergirl (DC Comics - C.B.)

1 M-Knight: X-23 (Marvel Comics - C.B.)

1 R-Knight: Alita (Battle Angel Alita - M.1.)

1 M-Bishop: Tsunade (Naruto - M.1.)

1 R-Bishop: Bayonetta (Bayonetta - V.G.)

1 M-Pawn: You Kasukabe (Problem Children - L.N.)

7 R-Pawn: Ōkami Amaterasu (Ōkami - V.G.)

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