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    Well, this episode is an interesting one, but is kind of hard to judge since there are two parts of me that are clashing within me: the fellow DxD reader and the curious DxD anime viewer. It is hard to take something we addore to a new angle, but you also want to see how it will go. Anyway on with the review.

    Lets go with the plot of this episode, as it is not part of LN we all have read (I assume) and it is taking its own course. We are left with Issei wanting to go to see Vali, but that action will not suit well with his relantionship with the Underworld. Nonetheless Issei and the rest insist to the Maous Sirzechs and Ajuka who are  present. At the end they agree and Ajuka Beelzebub approches Issei to"change" something within him (readers…

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