Hey everyone! 

My name is Ab517 (you can call me Ab if you want, but I got no problem with earning a nickname as I go along). Anyway, as the title says, I'm new here and I had just gotten into the High School DxD anime, and I am instantly hooked. Also, I'm wondering if I can ask for a little help on a certain idea I had. You see, as a hobby, I like to write fan-fics (mostly Marvel related, but that's beside the point) and I'm thinking of writing a High School DxD fic, but one that's based on Halloween. So I guess the question is...if you were reading a fic/story of a halloween based DxD story, what would expect, and if you like to see something new put onto the table, what would it be? 

Anyway, I'm happy to be on board and will contribute as best I can. Take care, friends :D 

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