Twinkle Aegis, also known as the Shield of Spirit and Glory is a Artificial Sacred Gear that was created by Azazel and specially given to Tsubasa Yura.


In Volume 14, Twinkle Aegis was one of the 5 artificial Sacred Gears given to members of the Sitri group that was personally given to Tsubasa, which she later used on a mission to save the first-year members of the Occult Research Club, that were kidnapped by the Magician Faction of the Khaos Brigade.

According to Sona, the Twinkle Aegis has a fairy residing in it through a pact.


Twinkle Aegis takes the form of a shield of light


Twinkle Aegis can create a giant shield made of light for defensive purposes, it can also be released towards the enemy while spinning in a yo-yo-like fashion and can have fire and lightning surrounding it. Twinkle Aegis can also create a large barrier of light while having flames surrounding it.The Fairy within the Sacred Gear is also capable of changing its offensive and defensive abilities in accordance to the attribute of the fairy.