Kana 闘気
Romaji Tōki
Type Technique
Wielder(s) Sairaorg Bael
Koneko Toujou
Sun Wukong
Ouryuu Nakiri

Touki (lit. "Fighting Spirit") is a technique used in High School DxD.


All Senjutsu users can use Touki by controlling the base of their life. In other words, their own life force. The only people known to use the Touki without any formal trained in Senjutsu are Sairaorg Bael and Ouryuu Nakiri. the former as a result of years of intensive training, the latter as a result of possessing the Nakiri Clan's Sacred Beast, Ouryuu.


Touki is an ability that can be used by those who are trained in Senjutsu by controlling the base of their life, creating an aura of life force that they will wear around their body, increasing their attack, defense, and speed tremendously. Another method to obtaining the Touki is by training one's body to the uttermost limits, gaining control on the base of life itself. This even allows the user to counter magic attacks by punching or otherwise striking them.



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