The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions (おっぱいドラゴンと愉快な仲間たちの伝説 Oppai Doragon to Yukaina Nakamatachi no Densetsu) is the fourth story arc in High School DxD. The story arc began in Volume 14, with Volume 13 being a series of side stories and Volume 15 a combination of side stories integrated into the plot.


Part 1: Issei SOSEdit

Part 2: Wizards of Career CounselingEdit

Part 3: Dark Knight of the Sunny-spotEdit

Part 4: Daywalker of the Extracurricular LessonEdit

Part 5: Valkyrie of the Teacher TrainingEdit

Part 6: Funny Angel of the Christmas DayEdit

Part 7: Durandal of the General ElectionEdit

Part 8: Belial of Career ConsultationEdit



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