True Story! Rossweisse-sensei
Kana 実録! ロスヴァイセ先生
Romaji Jitsuroku! Rosuvuaise-sensei
Season/Episode Season 3, Special 6
Air/Release Date January 27, 2016
Previous Steamy Grayfia

True Story! Rossweisse-sensei is the sixth Short Special of the High School DxD BorN anime. It was released with the first DVD/Blu-ray volume on January 27, 2016.


At Kuoh Academy, Rossweisse is a bit dissatisfied that Issei is the only club member who has to take the make up test while she has to assist him, worried that he might be held back a year, as a teacher she'll make sure that he passes. However when Issei drops his rubber, immediately thinking he will look up her skirt and use Dress Break that could cause him to be held back, she tries to prevent that but ends up pressing her breast in his face.

Issei attempts to open a window but Rossweisse believes that the wind will flip up her skirt and cause him to use Dress Break, she also tries to stop this but ends up falling off the window with Issei holding on to her exposing her skirt anyway, which she also believes he will use his spell and tells him to let her go. After bringing her inside, Issei notices a loose thread in her clothes and pulls it but causes most of her clothes to rip off. Now exposed in front of him, Rossweisse cries out that she can never get married.


Original release date: January 27, 2016

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