Asia Transforms
Anime special 6
Kana アーシア、変身します
Romaji Āshia, Henshin Shimasu
Season/Episode Season 1, Special 6
Air/Release Date August 29, 2012
Previous Making Udon

Asia Transforms is the sixth Short Special High School DxD anime. It was released with the sixth DVD/Blu-ray volume on August 29, 2012.


Asia tries to act like a delinquent (first dressing up as a Bōsōzoku biker and later as a harlot), due to her misunderstanding that Devils need to act evil. Luckily, Issei manages to convince her that she just needs to be herself, resulting in him receiving a kiss on the neck from Asia. The special ends with Rias reminding Issei to cover up the kiss mark on his neck (which was left behind by Asia).


Original release date: August 29, 2012

Featured CharactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)


Important NotesEdit


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