The Untold Story of the Dress Break's Birth
Anime special 4
Kana ドレスブレイク、誕生秘話?
Romaji Doresu Bureiku, Tanjō Hiwa?
Season/Episode Season 1, Special 4
Air/Release Date June 27, 2012
Previous Koneko Goes a Little Over the Top... Meow
Next Making Udon

The Untold Story of the Dress Break's Birth? is the fourth Short Special of the High School DxD anime. It was released with the fourth DVD/Blu-ray volume on June 27, 2012.


Issei continues the training to perfect his Dress Break with Asia's help but is unable to fully strip the target off their undergarment much to Issei's disappointment who feels that the spell is still incomplete. At school, the "Perverted Trio" are peeping at the Girl's Kendo Club changing again and are eventually discovered. Katase and Murayama then chase Issei (who was abandoned by Matsuda and Motohama) and are accidentally marked by Issei's Demonic Powers when Issei stops their attacks. While the two girls leave to wash their hands, believing that Issei's touch will infect them, Issei notices residual Demonic Power strands connecting them to his hands and decides to trigger it successfully stripping both girls of their clothes in a large crowd. Back in the club room, Issei informs Rias and Akeno about his new special move, performing it on Akeno before trying to test it on Rias who was reluctant but ultimately stripped by Issei as well.


Original release date: June 27, 2012

Featured CharactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Devils Humans

Important NotesEdit


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