Koneko's Senjutsu Treatment ~nyan
Kana 小猫の仙術治療にゃん
Romaji Koneko no Senjutsu Chiryō nyan
Season/Episode Season 3, Special 3
Air/Release Date October 28, 2015
Novel Equivalent Volume 7, Life 1
Previous Church Trio's Underwear, Amen!
Next Levia-tan and So-tan ☆

Koneko's Senjutsu Treatment ~nyan is the third Short Special of the High School DxD BorN anime. It was released with the first DVD/Blu-ray volume on October 28, 2015.


In Issei's room, Koneko embraces him while using her Senjutsu to replenish his life span that was used up when he used Juggernaut Drive during episode 9. She holds Issei tighter and has him promise to never use that transformation again. Koneko recommends a more efficient way to heal him called Bouchuujutsu, which requires the women to share her 'Ki' directly to a man's core via sex. Issei, who is flustered at the idea, tries to reject the offer, but Koneko states that even though she knows her body is small, she wants to have his children (even by force if necessary).

Issei continues to reject it by saying that Rias and Akeno are a bad influence and she should not follow their example, unaware that Rias is also in the room. Rias yells at Issei due to misunderstanding the situation, and Koneko leaves claiming to herself that she will get her chance someday.


Original release date: October 28, 2015

Featured CharactersEdit

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Important NotesEdit


Differences between Light Novel and AnimeEdit

  1. In the Light Novels, Issei and Koneko discuss about the population of Nekomata's.
  2. In the Light Novels, Rias appeared along with Asia, while in the anime Rias appear by herself.
  3. In the Light Novels, Koneko runs away out of fear for Rias, while in the anime she simply walks away calmly.
  4. In the Light Novels, Rias along with Asia keeps Issei up until late at night to explain his conversation with Koneko while lying on his bed, while in the anime Rias doesn't listen to Issei as he tries to explain it to her.

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