Akeno's Personal Training
Anime special 2
Kana 朱乃お姉さま、個人修行ですわ
Romaji Akeno Onee-sama, Kojin Shugyō desu wa
Season/Episode Season 1, Special 2
Air/Release Date April 25, 2012
Previous Going Sunbathing
Next Koneko Goes a Little Over the Top... Meow

Akeno's Personal Training is the second Short Special of the High School DxD anime. It was released with the second DVD/Blu-ray volume on April 25, 2012.


Issei has an erotic dream of Akeno giving him a private lesson. Upon waking up, he finds himself hugging Asia, which prompts an angry response from Rassei.


Original release date: April 25, 2012

Featured CharactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Devils Others

Important NotesEdit


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