The following is a list of characters from Sirzechs Lucifer's peerage.


Sirzechs' entire peerage made their first appearance in Volume 12 and had a formal introduction in Volume 13 Extra Life. Prior to Volume 12, the only members that were revealed was Grayfia, Sirzechs' wife and Queen, and Enku, Sirzechs' Pawn. According to Rias, Sirzechs' peerage rarely gathers together as she has only seen three of his servants (Surtr Second, MacGregor Mathers, and Souji Okita) together once when she was a child. Akeno, who knew all the members of the Lucifer Group, even mentions in "The Worry of the Next-Next Heir-sama" that it was her first time seeing them all together.

During the decisive battle with Trihexa, Sirzechs' peerage once again gathered with all members, where all members save Grayfia, who was immobilized by Sirzechs, sealed themselves inside the Isolation Barrier Field along with Trihexa, intending on battling the imperial beast inside the barrier.[1]

Current MembersEdit

Sirzechs Lucifer (King) Grayfia Lucifuge (Queen)
Sirzechs lucifer
The Devil formerly holding the title of Lucifer and is known as the Crimson Satan.

Sirzechs' Queen and wife. She is also a member of the House of Lucifuge, which served the original Lucifer.

Souji Okita (Knight x2) MacGregor Mathers (Bishop x2)
Sirzechs' Knight and former 1st squad captain of the Shinsengumi. A master Magician capable of using all kinds of magic. He is one of the founders of the modern magic association, Golden Dawn.
Surtr Second (Rook, Mutation Piece) Bahamut (Rook)
The ultimate Rook. He is the clone of Surtr from Norse Mythology. A sacred beast known as the Glowing Fish of the Deep Sea (深海の光魚 Shinkai no Kōgyo). It is mainly used for transportation, searching the enemy and also to annihilate grunts.
Enku (Pawn x?) Beowulf (Pawn x?)
A Chinese Qilin that was reincarnated into Sirzechs' Pawn. A descendant of the hero Beowulf, he is said to be one of the Top 5 Pawns in the Underworld.


  • Sirzechs' peerage is said to be the strongest group in the Underworld.
  • To combat Rizevim Livan Lucifer, who has the ability to cancel the effects of Sacred Gears, Sirzech's peerage has no Sacred Gear users included in it.
  • Bahamut is the only member that hasn't made an appearance in the series.


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