Khaos BrigadeEdit

Arthur PendragonEdit

Siegfried viewed Arthur as his rival, both being great swordsman and having weapons of opposite natures, disliking the fact that Arthur left the Hero Faction to join the Vali Team. Arthur, however, didn't view Siegfried as his rival, constantly searching for a suitable opponent for his Holy King Sword.

Cao CaoEdit



Main CharactersEdit

Yuuto KibaEdit

Siegfried was able to easily defeat both Kiba and Xenovia in their first encounter in Kyoto, resulting in a small rivalry between the two. After his loss, Kiba started to train to master the Balance Breaker of the Blade Blacksmith which he was successful in attaining, using it in a rematch against Siegfried, being able to fight Siegfried on a equal level. Kiba defeated Siegfried in Volume 12 with the help of his friends and Gram which rejects Siegfried and chose Kiba as its new wielder.

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