List of short stories published in Dragon Magazine.

Short stories compiled into a VolumesEdit

Devil's JobEdit

Familiar's RequirementEdit

Memories of OppaiEdit

The Oppai of TennisEdit

Hell Teacher AzazelEdit

300 IsseiEdit

A Tokusatsu DevilEdit

Issei SOSEdit

The Disturbance of a DevilEdit

The Unresurrected PhoenixEdit

Armageddon at Sports Day!Edit

Magical Girl Ria☆ For Real!?Edit

Scarlet and CrimsonEdit

Holy☆Maiden Goes to the Holy-LandEdit

Let’s Go with Training! ~Hell Chapter~Edit

Wolf’s EmblemEdit

May the Shine be on YouEdit

Stories compiled in High School D×D D×1Edit

See also: Light Novel DX.1

Abduction ERO!Edit

Ultimate!! Onii-chan MaskEdit

Stop!! Yuuto-kun!Edit

Records of Chichiryuutei's Pleasure AdventureEdit

Love Song to the Reincarnated AngelEdit

Let's go to OnsenEdit

Phoenix of the Battle School Building DX?Edit

Stories compiled in High School D×D D×2Edit

See also: Light Novel DX.2

Oppai is the SunEdit

The Student Council’s DecisionEdit

Let's Go with TrainingEdit

Worship☆Dragon-God GirlEdit

Nekomata☆Ninja ScrollEdit

Maniac's SanctuaryEdit

Hyakki Yako and PandemoniumEdit

Stories compiled in High School D×D D×3Edit

See also: Light Novel DX.3

Asia's TreasureEdit

The Ordinary Days of Red Dragon EmperorEdit

Let's Go with Training! ~Mascot Chapter~Edit

Talents of the Student Council[2]Edit

Worldly Desire of Steel[3]Edit


Graduation Trip and Vortex BunchEdit

Uncompiled Short StoriesEdit

Phoenix' Resurrection?[4]Edit

Rias in WonderlandEdit

My First ErrandEdit

25(Twenty Five) at the Clubroom with Rias-buchou!Edit

Maid of the House of PendragonEdit

Having a Mad Tea Party!Edit

A Gifted Person's Sleepover Party[5]Edit


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  5. 英才教育のお泊り会, title subject to change

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