Main CharactersEdit

Issei HyoudouEdit

Shiva greets and congratulates Issei for his promotion to a high-class devil. Shiva took a great interest in Issei upon knowing he was made from Great Red's flesh and Ophis's power and was able to communicate with them. He then ask Issei to come to his force to fight Indra, much to Issei's shock. Although Issei didn't give his answer to Shiva, the two is shown to get along well and Shiva promised to have a good relationship with him and protect him from behind. Issei is also shown to be fearful of Shiva upon learning he's the God of Destruction.

Fallen AngelsEdit


Shiva meets Azazel in the remote countryside, where they go fishing together. Azazel seem trust Shiva's strength to stop 666 once it awakens. Shiva seems to find Azazel amusing when he's trying to spread peace, despite him being known as the most sinister of the Fallen Angels. When Azazel was sealed along with Satans, Seraphs, Gods and Trihexa, Shiva is shown to honor him and calls him a hero, naming the World Rating Game after him.

Four Great SatansEdit

Ajuka BeelzebubEdit

Shiva first meets Ajuka in Volume 20, where Ajuka invited him to play a game of chaturaji in the Fallen Angel's territory. Ajuka gives a warning to Shiva of not to hinder Sirzechs and not to cause destruction. Shiva seems to find Ajuka amusing, knowing he is feared more than Sirzechs by all mythologies but he does not. Ajuka is one of the two Super Devils that Shiva is interested since they can pose a threat to him.

Hindu MythologyEdit


For unknown reasons, Indra is gathering forces such as the Hero Faction and Sun Wukong in order to combat Shiva. And in return, Shiva is shown to be gathering his own forces to fight Indra.


Mahabali is one of the members of Shiva's army. Knowing Mahabali's hatred towards Indra for killing his father Virochana, Shiva decided to recruit him to combat Indra. Mahabali is shown to greatly respects Shiva, calling him "Shiva-Sama" and becomes his loyal subordinate.

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