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Ruval Phenex
Kana ルヴァル・フェニックス
Romaji Ruvuaru Fenikkusu
Race Pure-Blooded Devil
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Dark Blue
Equipment &
Personal Status
Relatives Lord Phenex (Father)
Lady Phenex (Mother)
Unnamed Younger Brother
Riser Phenex (Youngest Brother)
Ravel Phenex (Younger Sister)
Affiliations 72 Pillars
Phenex Clan (Heir)
Status Alive
Ranking High-Class Devil (currently)
Ultimate-Class Devil (yet to promoted)

Ruval Phenex is the eldest son of the Phenex Clan and heir to the house.


Ruval, like his younger sibings, has blonde hair and dark blue eyes. However unlike Riser, he wears proper noble clothing.


Fitting to his noble-like appearance, Ruval has a kind and noble personality.


Not much is known about Ruval, other than the fact that he had been in one of the Top 10 rankers in the Rating Games and is rumored to be promoted to an Ultimate-Class Devil soon.


The Heroic Oppai DragonEdit

Ruval appears in Volume 12 along with Riser to cheer up his sister and the Gremory Team, who are in a state of despondency after learning about Issei's "death", before leaving to fight against the monsters created by Annihilation Maker.

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively CompanionsEdit

In Volume 22, it was mentioned by Riser that Ruval is also taking part of the Azazel Cup.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immortality: As a member of the Phenex Clan, Ruval shares his family's signature regeneration abilities, being able to regenerate lost limbs and recover from wounds instantaneously.

Pyrokinesis: Coming from a family that represents the Phoenix, Ruval is capable of using fire based attacks.

Flight: As a Devil, Ruval can fly using his wings.




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