• Riser and his peerage as they first appear in the Anime
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The following is a list of characters from Riser Phenex's peerage.


Appearing in Volume 2 in the Occult Research Club when they meet up with Rias' peerage in preparation of the Rating Game between their master and Rias Gremory.

During the Rating Game, all the members of Riser's peerage are eliminated except for Yubelluna and Ravel.

During Volume 5, it's been stated that Ravel Phenex left Riser's Peerage by trading herself to their mother Lady Phenex.

In Volume 14, when Riser heard news of his younger sister being kidnapped, he assembled his servants and to the human world to save her, however they arrives too late at the very end after the conflict had been resolved.

In Light Novel DX.1 short story "Phoenix of the Battle School Building DX?" (which takes place during Volume 19), Riser's Peerage has a rematch against Rias Peerage, only this time Issei was able to defeat Riser in the Rating Game.

In Volume 19, Riser's Peerage enters a Rating Game against Diehauser Belial.

Current MembersEdit

Riser Phenex (King) Yubelluna (Queen)
Introduced as Rias Gremory's fiancé, Riser is a high-ranking Devil and the third son of the Phenex Family.
Riser Phenex's Queen and the strongest member on his peerage, also known as the "Bomb Queen" (爆弾王妃(ボム・クイーン) Bomu Kuīn) by others.
(Bishop) Mihae (Bishop)
Riser's Bishop. Wears a Kimono. Defeated by Issei and Yuuto.
Karlamine (Knight) Siris (Knight)
Karlamine full body appearance
Riser's Knight, a young woman with brown hair, green eyes and dresses in an armor that is equipped with a sword and a dagger.
HighschoolDxD 11 010
Riser's Knight who wields a Zweihänder.
Isabela (Rook) Xuelan (Rook)
Riser's Rook. A woman who wears a mask on the right side of her face.
HighschoolDxD 10 039d
Riser's Rook who is dressed in a Cheongsam and specializes in Chinese Kung Fu.
Ile and Nel (Pawn / Pawn) Ni and Li (Pawn / Pawn)
Ile and Nel start up the chain saws
Riser's Pawns. Twin sisters who wield chainsaws.
Ni and Li
Riser's Pawns. Twin catgirls who specialize in hand-to-hand combat. Defeated by Issei and Yuuto.
Marion (Pawn) Burent (pawn)
HighschoolDxD 10 044
Riser's Pawn. Defeated by Yuuto.
HighschoolDxD 10 043d
Riser's Pawn. Defeated by Yuuto.
Shuriya (Pawn) Mira (Pawn)
Riser's Pawn. Defeated by Yuuto.
Mira up-close
Riser's Pawn. She fights using a wooden staff in combination with martial arts. Stated to be the weakest of the peerage.

Former MembersEdit

Ravel Phenex (Bishop)
HighschoolDxD 11 013s

Riser's younger sister who was a part of his peerage until his Rating Game with Rias Gremory. Following that Rating Game, Ravel was traded as her mother's Bishop piece until she could later be traded to Issei Hyoudou.

She later briefly returns to her brother's team to help him in his Rating Game against Diehauser Belial.


  • Riser's peerage consisted of a full fifteen members (before Ravel Phenex was traded to her mother), the exact number of pieces on a chess board, that excluding Riser himself.
  • A manga side-story reveals Riser asked his sister, Ravel, to be his Bishop so that he could have a full set of different "types" in his peerage, specifically the little sister and the tsundere.