Reversal Magic
Kana 反転 (リバース)
Romaji Ribāsu
Type Technique (Offensive/Defensive)
Abilities • Reverse the characteristics and capacity of various Sacred Gears.

• Also capable of reversing the effect or nature of a specific magic.

Wielder(s) Various members of Grigori
Tsubasa Yura
Momo Hanakai
Reya Kusaka
Tsubaki Shinra

Reversal Magic (commonly known as Reverse) is a counter-type of magic that turns the effects of any power or object into its complete opposite.


It was first seen in Volume 5 being used by Sona Sitri's Peerage in their Rating Game against Rias Gremory's Peerage.


Reverse is a special type of magic that is capable of reversing the characteristics and effects of various objects such as Sacred Gears, causing an inverse effect. An example of this is when it was used on Asia's Twilight Healing, turning it from a healing force into a destructive one. Reverse, however, places a large burden on the user's body, resulting in a shortened lifespan and the destruction of one's abilities. As a result, it wasn't considered as a good technique by Azazel, who suggested that it be banned from future Rating Games.


  • Ascalon's Holy Aura to Demonic Aura
  • Twilight Healing's Healing Ability to Damage
  • Darkness to Light (Intended Use)
  • Holy Lightning to (None?)
  • Phoenix Tear's Healing Properties to Pure Damage



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