Regulus Nemea
Kana 獅子王の戦斧(レグルス・ネメア)
Romaji Regurusu Nemea
Other Names Battle Axe of the Lion King
Type Sacred Gear (Longinus)
Forms Regulus Rey Leather Rex
Breakdown the Beast
Abilities Creates giant fissures
Grants the possessor protection from projectiles.
Wielder(s) Sairaorg Bael

Regulus Nemea, also known as the Battle Axe of the Lion King, is a Sacred Gear wielded by Sairaorg Bael. It is listed as one of the thirteen Longinus.


Regulus Nemea takes the form of a great battle axe and as the Nemean Lion, where it is a giant lion with a jewel on its forehead. It has a large body that is about four to five meters tall.


In the past, the God from the Bible captured one of the Nemean Lions named Regulus and sealed it inside the Sacred Gear which eventually became one of the thirteen Longinus. There is currently no possessor for the Regulus Nemea, as its previous host died and the Sacred Gear underwent a drastic change causing the Nemean Lion within the Regulus Nemea to materialize itself and killed the group that killed it's possessor. Although Sairaorg Bael can be considered to be its owner, as he has tamed the lion when he encountered the Longinus.


Regulus Nemea takes the form of an axe which can make a huge crack on the earth when struck. It is said that with full mastery of this form, the wielder can split the Earth in half. The Longinus' second ability is to protect the possessor from projectiles. Sairaorg, however, does not fight with weapons, so he only uses the Lion to wear it while utilizing its Balance Breaker.


Regulus Rey Leather Rex (LN)

Regulus Rey Leather RexEdit

Regulus Rey Leather Rex (獅子王の剛皮レグルス・レイ・レザー・レックス, Regurusu Rei Rezā Rekkusu): Also known as the Iron Skin of the Lion King, is the sub-species Balance Breaker of the Regulus Nemea which creates a golden, lion-themed armor that covers the user's body that adds the earth-breaking powers of Regulus to the user's own strength, resulting in a tremendous increase to the user's offensive power. The armor also protects the user from projectiles. It was first used by Sairaorg Bael during his Rating Game with Rias Gremory.

Regulus Rey Leather Rex Imperial PurpureEdit

Regulus Rey Leather Rex Imperial Purpure (獅子王の紫金剛皮・覇獣式レグルス・レイ・レザー・レックス・インペリアル・パーピュア, Regurusu Rei Rezā Rekkusu Inperiaru Pāpyua), also known as the The Invincible Purple Skin of the Lion King, is Regulus Nemea's Breakdown the Beast. This form unleashes the full power of the Nemean Lion, but also like Juggernaut Drive, the user's life force is used as the power source. In this form, Sairaorg's armor changes color to purple and gold, and he is enveloped by an immensely dense, purple Touki. It possesses immense power, allowing Sairaorg to easily overwhelm the 3rd ranked Bedeze Abaddon, a Satan-Class Devil. However, the time he can sustain this form is very short.

Sairaorg and Regulus alternate lines when chanting the Breakdown the Beast chant.

Sairaorg: “This body, this soul, even if it falls into an endless ravine!”
Regulus: "My Lord and I, we will exhaust this body and this soul to rise up the endless royal road!"
Sairaorg: “Raze, triumph, play, and shine!”
Regulus: "This is the body of a Demonic Beast!"
Sairaorg: “Lodged on top of my fist, is the glorious imperial authority!”
Regulus: "Dance!”
Sairaorg: "Dance!"
Both: “Bloom!!!”
Both: “Breakdown The Beast, Climb Over!"


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