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Minor characters in High School DxD.


Golden Horned King and Silver Horned KingEdit

The Golden Horned King (金角 Kinkaku) and Silver Horned King (銀角 Ginkaku) are the legendary brother Youkai that appear in the Chinese epic novel Journey to the West. Both of them have fought against the first Monkey King Sun Wukong when he was accompanying the monk Xuanzang on a journey to retrieve Buddhist sutras from India.

They appear in the short story "Wolf's Emblem" in which both fight against the Vali Team. During the fight they manage to defeat and imprison both Bikou and Kuroka, but are later defeated by Vali.

They are known for possessing the Five Treasured Tools, four of which they make use of in their fight against the Vali Team including the "Crimson Gourd", which has the ability to suck in those who respond when they have their name called out; the "Seven Star Sword", which has the ability to crush evil and make Youkai obey whoever wields it; the "Banana Palm Fan", which has the ability to create a strong wind and can send anything flying; and the "Rope", which has the ability to seal movements.

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