Night Reflection
Kana 闇夜の大盾(ナイト・リフレクション)
Romaji Naito Rifurekushon
Other Names Shield of Dark Night
Type Sacred Gear
Forms Night Reflection Death Cross
Abilities Redirect attacks using shadows
Wielder(s) Connla
Night Reflection also known as the Shield of Dark Night is a Sacred Gear wielded by Connla of the Hero Faction.


Night Reflection takes the form of a mass of shadows which changes according to the wielder's will.


Night Reflection has the ability to absorb attacks using shadows and redirect them in whatever direction the wielder wishes from any shadow within the Sacred Gear's area of influence. It also shown that it can change the forms of the shadow in blades spears to attack enemies using shadows and form wall to shield the user and others, it also entangled enemies and tie them down and there movement using shadows.


Night Reflection Death CrossEdit

Night Reflection Death Cross, also known as the Beast Skin of Dark Night, is Connla Sub-Species Balance Breaker of Night Reflection which creates a black shadow armor that covers the his body. Death Cross allows Connla to become like a shadow, gaining its intangible properties and allowing physical attacks pass right through him, although the wielder is susceptible to most forms of energy (heat/cold). Connla retains the ability to manipulate shadows as it absorb attacks using shadows and redirect the attack at enemies.

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