Phenex ClanEdit

Riser PhenexEdit

Like the rest of his peerage, Ni and Li are shown to extremely loyal to their master, Riser, as well as anyone from the Phenex clan.

Main CharactersEdit

Issei HyoudouEdit

Both Ni and Li dislike Issei for being a pervert and was disgusted with his Dress Break spell to the extent that they ridiculed him by saying that he always thought with his "lower body". Upon their defeat by Issei, they've harbored a slight grudge against him and have wanted to get back at him during the rematch between their respected masters.

Koneko ToujouEdit

They've both developed a rivalry with Koneko during the rematch of their masters, due to the fact that the latter challenged them on the grounds of being fellow Nekomatas with inherent speciality over Ki.

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