Koneko Licking

Koneko Toujou, a Nekomata

Nekomata (猫又, lit. "Forked Cat") are one of the species of Youkai featured in High School DxD.


Nekomata are a cat-like species of Youkai which specialize in using ki within the East Youkai Faction who're under the rule of Magari, the leader of the Nekomatas.

It has been revealed that female Nekomata normally mate with the males of different races (mainly with human males), as males among their species are rare. They have a "mating season" where the female nekomata go into heat although only the females are known to do this, as seen by Koneko Toujou, when she went into heat seducing Issei wanting to have his baby. It seems that matured nekomata have control over this shown by Kuroka who didn't let her desire for mating cloud her mind, but young nekomata like Koneko do not. However the childbearing age range differs to human women as seen with Koneko when Kuroka stopped her from mating with Issei, explaining she was too young to risk pregnancy although she was 16 at the time (age range for human women is 15-44).


Nekomata bear a striking physical resemblance to humans, albeit with a set of cat ears and two tails. They also have eyes with cat-like pupils. The only exception being Magari whose appearance is completely that of a cat albeit with nine tails.


Being a cat-like species, Nekomata naturally have great reflexes and heightened senses.

Nekomata are also capable of performing Senjutsu and Youjutsu.



The Nekoshou (猫魈 Nekoshō) are a special variant of Nekomata and are the strongest among their types. Nekoshou are high-level Youkai species that are capable of mastering Youjutsu and Senjutsu. Currently, the only known Nekoshou are Kuroka and Koneko Toujou, both who are said to be the remaining survivors of the species.

Known NekomataEdit

Active Nekomata


  • In Japanese mythology, Nekomata Youkai are stated to have a tail that is partially split in two, like Kuroka, but Koneko has been shown to have only one tail, mostly due to the fact that she is still young and has yet to fully mature. Later in the series, however, she was shown to have two tails.
  • Currently all known Nekomata's have been reincarnated into Devil's with the exception of Magari.


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