Misteeta Sabnock
Kana ミスティータ・サブノック
Romaji Misutīta Sabunokku
Race Devil (With Human Heritage)
Gender Male
Equipment &
Trick Vanish
Personal Status
Affiliations 72 Pillars
Sairaorg Bael's Peerage (Team Imperial Purpure)
Status Alive
Ranking Bishop

Misteeta Sabnock is Sairaorg's Bishop from the House of Sabnock, one of the extinct families from the 72 Pillars, which held the rank of Marquis.




Misteeta Sabnock was shunned by the other Devils, being a descendant of an extinct household from the 72 Pillars with human heritage. He was accepted only by Sairaorg who took Misteeta in as a member of his peerage. As a result, he is very loyal to Sairaorg.


The Heroic Oppai DragonEdit

Misteeta first appeared in Volume 10 during the Rating Game between Rias Gremory and his master, Sairaorg Bael, fighting Xenovia and Gasper Vladi alongside Ladora Buné under Figure Dice Ruling, using his Sacred Gear to temporarily seal Xenovia's Ex-Durandal. The team, however, still lost after Gasper sacrificed himself to buy some time for Xenovia to dispel the curse with Xenovia defeating them after regaining the ability to use her Ex-Durandal.

The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively CompanionsEdit

In Volume 21, Misteeta assemble with the rest of Sairaorg's peerage and head to Japans coastal waters to join D×D's army who're battling against Qlippoth's.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Magic Talent: As a Bishop, Misteeta possesses enhanced magical abilities.


Trick Vanish (異能の棺トリック・バニッシュ, Torikku Banisshu): Misteeta's Sacred Gear. It has the ability to seal the opponent's ability for a certain amount of time at the expense of a large portion of the user's stamina.


  • In demonology, Sabnock is a Great Marquis of Hell with 50 legions of demons under his command. He is well known for building towers, castles, and cities and furnishing them with firearms and ammunition.



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