Mirror Alice
Tsubaki Shinra using Mirror Alice
Kana 追憶の鏡ミラー・アリス
Romaji Mirā Arisu
Other Names Mirror of Recollection
Type Sacred Gear
Forms Nostalgia Mad Tea Party
Abilities Redirects attacks twice the damage
Summon Demons (Nostalgia Mad Tea Party)
Wielder(s) Tsubaki Shinra

Mirror Alice also known as the Mirror of Recollection, is a Sacred Gear wielded by Tsubaki Shinra.


Mirror Alice takes the form of a large full body mirror.


The user creates a mirror has the ability to reflect attacks with double the damage on the attacker, but cannot be summoned twice in a row without a cool-down period, however, it can evolve to the level where the user can create multiple mirrors at the same time.


Nostalgia Mad Tea PartyEdit

Nostalgia Mad Tea Party (望郷の茶会ノスタルジア・マッド・ティー・パーティー, Nosutarujia Maddo Tī Pātī) also known as the Tea Party of Nostalgia, is Tsubaki's Sub-species Balance Breaker that allows her to summon three demons that have different abilities from her mirrors. This from can only be activated using Mirror Alice to perform a certain number of counterattacks.

  • Dormouse (冬眠鼠ドーマウス, Dōmausu): A demon that has the form of a large rat that expels sleeping gas from its mouth.
  • March Rabbit (三月兎マーチ・ラビット, Māchi Rabitto): A demon that has the form of a rabbit in a suit that forces enemies that were affected by the ripples made by the rabbit bouncing to enter a frenzied state.
  • Mad Hatter (帽子屋マッド・ハッター, Maddo Hattā): A slender demon that wears a hat which shows hallucinations to those who look at its eyes.


  • Mirror Alice takes some inspiration from the story Alice in Wonderland.

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