Manga Volume 9
Manga vol 9 cover
Cover of Volume 9 of the High School D×D manga featuring Koneko Toujou.
Air/Release Date May 9, 2016 (Japan)
Novel Equivalent Volume 4, Special Life. - Volume 5, Life. 3 (First Half)
Anime Equivalent Episode 1 (BorN) - Episode 3 (BorN) (First Half)
Previous Manga Volume 8

The ninth volume of the High School DxD manga will be released by Fujimi Shobo on May 9, 2016 under their Dragon Comics Age imprint.



  • 50. New Life & Special Life
  • 51. The Wait is Over! Diving into Summer Vacation!!
  • 52. Off to the Devil Realm!!
  • 53. Uncharted Territory!? The Gremory Residence!!
  • 54. Young Devils, Assemble!
  • 55. Paradise!? The Knockout "Sandwich"!
  • 56. A Surprising "Sensei" Appears!
  • 57. The Hellish Training Continues!
  • 58. Overcome That Hurdle! I...Wanna Get Stronger!!


Returning CharactersEdit

New CharactersEdit


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