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Manga Volume 8
DxD Manga Volume 8
Cover of Volume 8 of the High School D×D manga featuring Issei Hyoudou and Rias Gremory
Air/Release Date August 8, 2015 (Japan) April 26, 2016 (U.S)
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-070597-2 (Japan)
ISBN 978-0-31-631496-1 (U.S)
Novel Equivalent Volume 4, Life.3 (Second Half) - Volume 4, Festival Ends
Anime Equivalent Episode 9 (New) (Second Half) - Episode 12 (New)
Previous Manga Volume 7
Next Manga Volume 9

The eight volume of the High School DxD manga will be released by Fujimi Shobo on August 8, 2015 under their Dragon Comics Age imprint.



  • 42. I'll Handle My (Male) Kouhai!!
  • 43. I Get The "Dragon Slayer"!?
  • 44. The Top Conference Begins!
  • 45. It's An Emergency!? I'll Head Out Too!!
  • 46. Khaos Brigade
  • 47. View x Dress Break --- The Ultimate Tag Team!?
  • 48. Red Dragon and White Dragon!
  • 49. Fists Of Rage Clash!!


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