I Defeat an Angel
Highschool DxD v02 000
Manga Volume 2 Cover (Japanese)
English Angel, I Will Defeat
Chapter Information
Release Date July 9, 2011
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 8
Monthly Dragon Age July 2011 Issue #118
Route -
Anime Equivalent Episode 5 -
Chapter Guide
I'm Saving My Friend
Off You Go, Damn Angel!
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I Defeat an Angel is the 8th chapter of the High School DxD manga, serialized in Monthly Dragon Age on July 9th, 2011 and published in tankōbon format in Volume 2 on December 6th, 2011.


When the devils enter the basement of the Fallen Angels' base in an abandoned church, Asia is in severe pain secured to a giant cross-shaped device in a magical circle, where she is undergoing the final moments of Raynare's ceremony to steal her healing power for herself. Yuuto activates his Sacred Gear and tries to engage the large squad of Fallen Angels. Issei, Kiba, and Koneko are fighting the group of rogue exorcists guarding the magical circle with Issei trying to reach Asia's place. Meanwhile, the magical circle begins expelling Asia's Sacred Gear "Twilight Healing" from her body and the ability is transferred to Raynare when it enters her. Koneko and Kiba take on the followers and cover Issei as he tries to save her. He retrieves Asia from the magical cross after Raynare released her to him, but Raynare reveals that the removal of a Sacred Gear means death for the user. She proceeds to mock him about his date with 'Yuuma' and Asia's imminent death. Issei successfully carries her upstairs to the nave of the Church with Kiba and Koneko holding off the large group of priests. Begging Asia to live while promising to be with her all the time as her friend, Issei is greatly saddened by her death. Raynare then shows up revealing that she received an injury from Kiba before coming up, and heals it to show off her new Sacred Gear's ability to Issei. Disgusted by Raynare's action, Issei battles Raynare who initially has the upper hand. Suddenly, Issei's Sacred Gear "Boosted Gear" activates for the first time through his newfound will to avenge Asia and return "Twilight Healing" to her, deceased though she be.


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