I'm Saving My Friend
Highschool DxD v02 000
Manga Volume 2 Cover (Japanese)
English Friend, I Will Save
Chapter Information
Release Date June 9, 2011
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 7
Monthly Dragon Age June 2011 Issue #117
Route -
Anime Equivalent - Episode 4
Chapter Guide
I Will Protect My Friend
I Defeat an Angel
Complete volume list

I'm Saving My Friend is the 7th chapter of the High School DxD manga, serialized in Monthly Dragon Age on June 9th, 2011 and published in tankōbon format in Volume 2 on December 6th, 2011.


Kiba and Koneko go with Issei to the Fallen Angels' base to save Asia. Kiba shows Issei blueprints of the church and establishes the presence of Fallen Angels within. When they enter the abandoned church, the nave appears empty until they are ambushed by a lone Father Freed Sellzen. Confident of his victory, he tells them that the Fallen Angels are conducting the ceremony below in the church basement. The Devils engage him with Koneko throwing furniture at him and Kiba charging at him with his sword, but are pushed back with Issei watching. Kiba and Koneko then engage him with a combination attack; she intensifies her attacks and Kiba enters Freed's blind spot to destroy his light sword using the sword Holy Eraser with his Sacred Gear "Sword Birth". Issei attacks a swordless Freed and uses his Promotion ability to rank up to 'Rook'. He punches him with his enhanced strength & Sacred Gear despite multiple rounds from Freed's light pistol, wounding him. In desperation, a weaponless Freed activates a smokebomb after being surrounded and escapes through a church window, which allows the devils to approach the ceremony. Issei and his group head to the basement, with a large number of exorcists and Fallen Angels within. When they enter, they witness Asia in severe pain secured to a giant cross-shaped device in a magical circle, undergoing the final moments of Raynare's ceremony to steal her Sacred Gear "Twilight Healing".


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