I Made a Friend
Highschool DxD v02 000
Manga Volume 2 Cover (Japanese)
English A Friend, Made
Chapter Information
Release Date April 9, 2011
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 5
Monthly Dragon Age April 2011 Issue #115
Route -
Anime Equivalent Episode 4 -
Chapter Guide
I Found Someone to Protect
I Will Protect My Friend
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I Made a Friend is the 5th chapter of the High School DxD manga, serialized in Monthly Dragon Age on April 9th, 2011 and published in tankōbon format in Volume 2 on December 6th, 2011.


Recovering from the previous battle in the shower, Issei is given emergency treatment by Rias by her lending him power. He remains focused on getting stronger to rescue Asia from the Fallen Angels though Rias once again berates him for attempting to rescue her as the two are of opposing factions. Issei encounters Asia at the shops after Rias tells him to miss school to reflect on his new duties as a Devil, and they end up going on a date. At a fast food diner, Asia asks for cutlery but he tells her that she can use her hands. Issei gets chills when she makes a prayer before eating, and stops her from using holy water to wash her hands by giving her wet wipes. After they eat hamburgers and fries, they go to an arcade where Issei wins her a large stuffed Raichu toy. Some girls borrow Asia's costume as cosplay and give her a costume, which Issei coerces her to take some photos with in a couple's booth before returning. Towards the end of the date when they start resting on a bench in the park, Asia heals his bullet wound from the day before and tells him about her Sacred Gear "Twilight Healing", and the suffering it has caused her driving her to ally with Freed. Issei reaches out to her to ask her to be his friend when Raynare, the Fallen Angel who disguised herself as "Yuuma" in the first chapter, appears.


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