I Start a New Life
Highschool DxD v02 000
Manga Volume 2 Cover (Japanese)
Kana 就要升始了
English I Start a New Life
Chapter Information
Release Date September 9, 2011
Volume Number 2
Chapter Number 10
Monthly Dragon Age September 2011 Issue #120
Route -
Anime Equivalent Episode 5 (ending)
Chapter Guide
I Defeat an Angel
Manga Volume 3
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I Start a New Life is the 10th chapter of the High School DxD manga, serialized in Monthly Dragon Age on September 9th, 2011 and published in tankōbon format in Volume 2 on December 6th, 2011.


When the devils take control of the Fallen Angels' base in an abandoned church, Rias collects Asia's Sacred Gear as a small glowing orb so she can return it to her, despite her death. Issei thanks her for returning her Sacred Gear and the devils for fighting for Issei & Asia's sake but tells them that their mission is a failure as she is already dead. In an nigh-unprecedented magical ceremony, Rias consumes her second "Bishop" piece from her Evil Pieces to reincarnate Asia as a Devil sucessfully. As Asia regains conciousness in the magical circle, a relieved Issei runs to her and hugs her, while Rias assigns him to the role of Asia's senior devil.

At the Occult Research club the next day, Rias explains to Issei how she used all eight of her 'Pawn' pieces to resurrect him due to his high-powered Sacred Gear. She gives Issei some encouragement to develop his physical ability into that of the strongest Pawn and kisses him on the forehead before noticing Asia in the room. Having seen the kiss, a jealous Asia assumes that Issei likes Rias. When she prays to God for forgiveness however, she takes damage as she now is a Devil and realises that she subsequently cannot practice her worship. However, Asia happily accepts her current existence as the Devil servant of Rias so that she can continue living with Issei. Asia joins the Occult Research Club having transferred to Kuoh Academy to their celebration, and the devils welcome the newest member of the club by means of a party when they all arrive.

In the Underworld at the Phenex Mansion, a blond-haired Devil makes preparation for a ceremony, and his younger sister Ravel brings tea while he asserts that their plan will be completed without complications.


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