I Found Someone to Protect
Highschool DxD v01 000
Manga Volume 1 Cover (Japanese)
English Something to Protect: Found
Chapter Information
Release Date March 9, 2011
Volume Number 1
Chapter Number 4
Monthly Dragon Age March 2011 Issue #114
Route -
Anime Equivalent Episode 3 (second half)
Chapter Guide
I've Begun a Battle
I Made a Friend
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I Found Someone to Protect is the 4th chapter of the High School DxD manga, published in tankōbon format in Volume 1 on June 6th, 2011 and serialized in Monthly Dragon Age on March 9th, 2011.


Issei wakes up in the school infirmary to see a naked Rias sleeping in front of him. He restrains himself from groping her out of fear for her destructive power until she stirs. When Rias wakes up, he asks her why she is in the infirmary with him to which she replies that she wanted to take a nap and saw him in the room asleep. Rias promises to let him touch her breasts if he completes a contract which he inadvertently accepts. Issei contemplates his new life as a Devil in the Occult Research Club and realises he is enjoying the work. Issei returns to the club and is immediately given a summoning to answer by Rias. When he enters the summoners location in an apparently empty house and starts searching the rooms, he finds an upside-down crucified corpse and is ambused by stray exorcist Father Freed Sellzen. Freed proudly admits to killing the man, explaining that his victim was in league with the Devils. He identifies Issei as another Devil and begins to attack him. Initially, Freed has the upper hand when he shoots Issei in the leg with a light gun and slashes him with a light sword.

Asia comes into the room, blocking the slash of Freed's Light Weapon and shouting at him to stop. When he questions her loyalty, she defends Issei saying that he is her friend. Freed reveals to her that Issei is a Devil to her shock. Asia claims that killing and hunting devils is not the work of God. Freed comments on why Asia left her job of activating the trap and tries to attack Issei again, but Asia intervenes by rushing in front of the paralyzed Issei to protect him. Freed easily shoves Asia from her place and restrains her against a wall in the attempt of raping her in front of Issei. Consequently, Issei immediately ignores his pain and punches Freed in the face. Freed then turns his full attention to Issei, but just as he is about to be finished off, the other members of the Occult Research Club arrive by teleportation, assisting Issei in his dilemma. Issei and his companions escape quickly after, leaving Freed alive as his master began approaching with a large squadron of Fallen Angels. Before they escape, Issei desperately wants to bring the injured Asia with them, but finds out they cannot as the transportation circle only works for people that are a part of the Gremory Clan. The chapter ends with Issei promising to return and rescue Asia.


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