I've Begun a Battle
Highschool DxD v01 000
Manga Volume 1 Cover (Japanese)
English I've Begun a Battle
Chapter Information
Volume Number 1
Chapter Number 3
Route -
Anime Equivalent Episode 3 (first half)
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I Start As A Devil
I Found Someone to Protect
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I've Begun a Battle is the 3rd chapter of the High School DxD manga, published in tankōbon format in Volume 1 on June 6th, 2011 and serialized in Dragon Magazine.


After Issei helps the nun, Asia Argento, to her feet, he returns her the headdress that she dropped when she fell. Issei then offers to gather the clothing from her fallen suitcase, accidentally picking up her panties much to her embarrassment. Asia tells him that she was appointed to a church in the city but is now lost and cannot speak Japanese well enough to ask for directions. Issei proceeds to offer himself as her escort her to the Church in his town. On the way, Asia displays a mysterious and miraculous healing ability after encountering a boy crying due to a bloody knee. Issei having not revealed his identity, gets chills when Asia says the word "God" or makes a prayer. They see the Church and Issei approaches it with her. Upon approaching the church with Asia, Issei makes excuses and leaves when he remembers Rias' warning not to approach churches. Asia bids him goodbye and he returns to the Occult Research Club where Rias scolds him for going near a church due to the antagonistic relationship between the Church and Devils. She also warns him not to become close to anyone affiliated with the Church, especially the exorcists.

Akeno interrupts to tell them that the Archduke has passed down an order of suppression to kill a Stray Devil. When they enter the base of the rogue devil, they discover bloodstains and multiple human corpses. The Stray Devil Viser appears and the other devils engage it, overpowering it one at a time while Rias introduces the method of reincarnating human into Devils through the use of Evil Pieces. Rias also explains the traits of every Evil Piece, such as the Rook which enhances the strength and defense, the Knight which enhances speed and the Queen which has the combined ability of the other Evil Pieces. With her target defeated, Rias deals deals the killing blow to Viser when she begs for her death. After the battle, Issei ask about his position in Rias' team which Rias replies telling Issei that he is a "Pawn" to his dismay.


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