I Start As A Devil
Highschool dxd manga ch2
Manga Chapter 2 Cover
Kana 私始当悪魔了
Romaji Watashi Hajimeto tō Akuma Ryo
English I Start As A Devil
Chapter Information
Volume Number 1
Chapter Number 2
Route -
Anime Equivalent Episode 2
Chapter Guide
I Quit Being Human
I've Begun a Battle
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I Start as a Devil (私始当悪魔了ワタシ ハジメト トー アクマ リョ, Watashi Hajimeto tō Akuma Ryo) is the 2nd chapter of the High School DxD manga, published in tankōbon format in Volume 1 on June 6th, 2011 and serialized in Dragon Magazine.


When Rias walks to school with him, she bids him goodbye at the gate and promises to return for him later. In the class when Issei gloats to Motohama and Matsuda about his "physical relationship" with Rias. The two immediately start to interrogate him to no avail. After the school ends Issei waits in his class due to Rias' order, Issei is then visited by another second-year student, Yuuto Kiba, who came to escort Issei to the Occult Research Club. In the clubroom, Issei meets two other members of the club, third-year schoolgirl Akeno Himejima and first-year schoolgirl Koneko Toujou. Reintroducing herself as the president of the Occult Research Club comprised of the three devils, Rias explains to Issei about the Great War between the Three Factions comprised of Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils. Rias then proceeds to explain the function of the Sacred Gear as a high-powered mechanical attachment and heroic ability, though not developed in him yet. She also reveals that Yuuma, who he once dated before, was a Fallen Angel that was sent to kill him as she explains to Issei the trappings of Devil society and her clan the Gremory.

As Rias and Akeno expected, Issei does not have the magical power to teleport to a summoner's location via the magical pentagram with Issei's inscription. After finishing distributing the pamphlets given to him by Rias, Issei is forced by the other devils to travel on foot to the summoner. His first summoner is revealed to be a cross-dressing male cosplayer named Mil-tan who requests to be turned into a "magical girl". When he fails the request, Issei is forced to watch hours of anime with him. Issei goes to the park to worry about his failed summons when a nun bumps into a rock in front of Issei's bench, falling over.


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