I Quit Being Human
Highschool DxD v01 000
Manga Volume 1 Cover (Japanese)
English I Quit Being Human
Chapter Information
Release Date June 6, 2011
Volume Number 1
Chapter Number 1
Dragon Magazine July 2010 Issue
Route -
Anime Equivalent Episode 1
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'I Quit Being Human' is the 1st chapter of the High School DxD manga, published in tankōbon format in Volume 1 on June 6th, 2011 and serialised in Dragon Magazine in July 2010.


Issei Hyoudou is a perverted second-year student who attends Kuoh Academy, a private all-girls school recently turned co-ed with a high girls-to-boys ratio. When he goes on a date with new girlfriend Yuuma Amano, she suddenly asks him whether she can kill him. Yuuma sprouts large black wings and impales him with a light spear attack, blaming his imminent death on the potential threat the Sacred Gear within him posed to the Fallen Angels. Issei in his dying moments thinks about a certain girl from his school and somehow summons the girl out as he fades out. The next day, he is woken up by his alarm having assumed it was a dream, when he notes his sudden bursts of strength at night and spikes of pain during daylight hours on his way to school. Despite his hopes to create a harem at Kuoh Academy, his popularity is near-zero with the girls in his class. His popularity not helped by his two friends, Motohama and Matsuda, who regulary watch pornography together and discuss it in public, to the disgust of their classmates.

When Issei's friends notice his downcast attitude, they ask him about his girlfriend "delusion", having no memory of Issei's date with Amano. Issei and the boys notice schoolgirls swarming around Rias, a popular third-year student. When Matsuda gives Issei a rare adult video to watch, they go home and watch it together. When he goes home that day, a blond male Fallen Angel identifies him as a "stray", chases him and impales him non-fatally in the gut with a spear. He was about to stab him again with the Light Weapon when Rias Gremory intercepted the end with her attack. When Rias declares the area as her territory, the Fallen Angel identifies himself as Dohnaseek before retreating. The next morning, Issei discovers both Rias and himself naked in his bed, to the shock of Issei's mom. Rias wakes up smiling and explains to him that she is a Devil and she is his master as he was reincarnated by her.



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