Main CharactersEdit

Issei HyoudouEdit

Lilith became interested in Issei, knowing he possesses Ddraig and smelling Ophis's scent from him and she leaves Qlippoth, when Vali told her he would allow her to meet Issei, her other self (referring to Ophis), and Great Red. After moving into the Hyoudou Residence, she became attached to Issei as she starts to sit on his lap, competing with Koneko and Ravel over it.



Lilith is Ophis's spawn. They have shown to contact each other, even though they have not seen each other. They finally meet during Issei's recovery from his dragon deification and has shown to become very close to Ophis and wishes to stay together with her and Issei. Eventually Lilith and Ophis, along with Kunou formed the Loli Trio.

Khaos BrigadeEdit

Rizevim Livan LuciferEdit

Lilith served as Rizevim's bodyguard and protected him from harm. She was willing to defend him from certain individuals such as Fafnir who was in Outrage Mode for Rizevim's action of slapping Asia and Vali. Rizevim had shown to somewhat care for her as he named Lilith after his mother.

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