Vampire of the Suspended Classroom
Cover of High School DxD Volume 4 featuring Akeno Himejima
Kana ハイスクールD×D4 停止教室のヴァンパイア
Air/Release Date September 20, 2009
ISBN 978-4-8291-3427-6
Manga Equivalent Volume 7, Chapter 36–Volume 8, Chapter 50
Anime Equivalent High School DxD New

Episodes 7–12

Previous Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard
Next Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp

Vampire of the Suspended Classroom is the fourth novel of the High School DxD series. The novel covers part two of the Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor arc.


Do you think a world without God is wrong?

Do you think a world without God would decay?

I am sorry to say but that isn’t the case. Me and you as well are both healthily living like this.

The world moves even without a God.



  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "It's Summer! It's Swimsuits! I'm in Trouble!?"
  • Life.2: "The Class Observation Begins."
  • Life.3: "I Got a Junior (Boy)."
    • Grigori.1
  • Life.4: "The VIP Meeting Begins!"
    • Khaos Brigade.
  • Life.5: "The Welsh Dragon and the Vanishing Dragon"
    • The Festival Ends.
  • New Life.
    • Grigori.2
    • Valhalla.
  • Special Life.
  • Afterword


Main Characters Returning Characters New Characters Antagonists






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