Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard
Cover of High School DxD Volume 3 featuring Asia Argento
Kana ハイスクールD×D3 月光校庭のエクスカリバー
Air/Release Date April 20, 2009
ISBN 978-4-8291-3391-0
Manga Equivalent Volume 5, Chapter 23–Volume 6, Chapter 35.5
Anime Equivalent High School DxD New
Episodes 1–6
Previous Phoenix of the Battle School
Next Vampire of the Suspended Classroom

Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard is the third volume of the High School DxD series. This novel marks the start of the Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor arc of High School DxD.


I won’t forgive Excalibur—.



  • Life.0
  • Life.1: "Heat Up Occult Research Club!"
    • Revenge Knight.
  • Life.2: "The Holy Sword Has Arrived."
  • Life.3: "The Plan to Destroy the Holy Sword!"
  • Life.4: "Go! Occult Research Club!"
    • New Knight & New Rival.
  • New Life.
    • Friends.
  • Afterword


Main Characters Returning Characters New Characters Antagonists




  • "Starting from that day, I haven't even taken a single step forward." - Yuuto Kiba
  • "Kiba, we are comrades." - Issei Hyoudou
  • "Yuuto, I believe in you" - Rias Gremory
  • " it okay for me to stay here?" - Asia Argento
  • "Me......and that person have nothing to do with each other!!" - Akeno Himejima



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