High School DxD DX.4
Student Council and Leviathan
Cover of DX.4 featuring Elmenhilde Karnstein
Kana ハイスクールD×D DX.4 生徒会とレヴィアタン
Romaji Haisukūru D×D DX. 4 Seito-kai to Revuiatan
Air/Release Date July 20, 2017
Previous Cross×Crisis

High School DxD DX.4 is a compilation that will consist of new short stories and is considered as Volume 23.5. It is the fourth of the DX. series.


  • "Imperial Purpure" team vs "Spear of Indra" team -the proof of a hero-
  • Power.1 unoverthrowable great king
  • Power.2 heros and boys
  • Power.3 the beggining of the orgiastic party of the power and technique
  • team member(Looks just the itemized introduction of the team).
  • Power MAX vs Technic MAX King of Lion's iron punch vs hero's longinus
  • "Issei's Sekiryuutei" team vs *"Sona Sitri" team -be stronger tham those days, further than now-”
  • Line.1 There are lots of differences between this year and last year.
  • Line.2 the secret of the school council
  • Line.3 the root of the dream
  • Team member
  • Line.4 the beggning of the revenge match
    • Opening
  • Line.5 field break
  • Line.Maximum vs Life.Maximum baka(king of the dragon) vs baka(emperor of the dragon)
  • Final line. the school council and Leviatan
  • New line.
  • Afterword



Main Characters Returning Characters New Characters
  • Perseus
  • Guan Yu
  • Connla
  • Marsilio






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