Main CharactersEdit

Issei HyoudouEdit

Le Fay meets Issei in Volume 9, where it is revealed that she is a huge fan of his show, Breast Dragon Emperor Oppai Dragon (Oppai Dragon for short). She gets along very well with Issei, and asked for his autograph in Volume 11. Despite her affiliation with Vali, she was considered by Ravel Phenex to be Issei's contracted Magician, but initially rejected due to her status as a member of the Khaos Brigade. In Volume 16, Le Fay was officially made Issei's Magician because Vali's Team had been pardoned for their crimes, and Arthur requested to Issei to consider taking her as his magician, with Issei accepting his request. 

Vali TeamEdit

Vali LuciferEdit

Like the other members of the Vali Team, she is loyal and respectful to her leader.

Arthur PendragonEdit

Le Fay's brother. The two siblings have shown great love towards each other, Le Fay following her brother who left their family and joined the Khaos Brigade with him out of concern. Arthur also hopes that Le Fay can return to her previous lifestyle.


Le Fay has shown to be on good terms with Fenrir, calling him "Fenrir-chan".


Le Fay gets along well with Kuroka, as they are often working together on assignments.

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