Lavinia Reni
Lavinia in DxD
Kana ラヴィニア • レニ
Romaji Ravinia Reni
Race Human (Magician)
Gender Female
Nicknames Demise Girl
Ice Princess
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Sapphire Blue
Equipment &
Absolute Demise
Personal Status
Affiliations Grigori
Slash/Dog Team
Status Alive

Lavinia Reni is a Human Magician from the organization Grauzauberer of the Magician Association and a member of Slash Dog Team, nicknamed Demise Girl and Ice Princess who is the current possessor of the Longinus Absolute Demise.


Lavinia is a beautiful woman with long flowing blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. She appears to wear standard Magician robes with a hood.


Lavinia appears to be a kind person and gives off an older sister impression, as shown when she scolded Vali in a gentle manner. She also calls people she's close to by affectionate nicknames, such as calling Tobio "Tobi" and Vali "Va-Kun".


In the past, Lavinia was sent by the chairman of her organization to help Grigori deal with the stray magicians that allied themselves with the group called the Utsusemi Agency.

For a full detail on the events on -SLASHDØG-, please refer here.


The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively CompanionsEdit

Lavinia was mentioned, along with Kouki Samejima in Volume 19, through a photograph that Tobio is showing to Issei.

Lavinia made her first appearance in Volume 21, alongside her team leader Tobio at the hospital where she meets members of the Gremory and Vali Teams, although Vali was reluctant as she scolds him for going off on his own and hugs him. Later, within the mountainous region of a certain European country, Lavinia appeared with Tobio teaming up with the Vali Team to fight against an army of Evil Dragons and one of Trihexa's bodies led by Aži Dahāka, where she summons her Sacred Gear's avatar to freeze several Evil Dragons.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Expert Magician: Lavinia is shown to be well versed in utilizing various different types of magic.


Absolute Demise (永遠の氷姫アブソリュート・デイマイズ, Abusoryūto Deimaizu): An independent type Longinus that can materialize a three meter tall disfigured doll made of ice that takes a form of a woman in a dress at the wielders side and obeys their every command. The doll is also shown to be able to manipulate ice on a massive scale, capable of instantly freezing an entire area into a frozen world. Its maximum range could lock an entire small country within a crystal of ice as long as Lavinia wanted to.


  • In classical Roman mythology, Lavinia was the daughter of King Latinus and Queen Amata and the wife of Trojan hero Aeneas, who named the city Lavinium in her honor.
  • Grauzauberer means "Grey Wizards".
  • Lavinia works as an exclusive singer and as the signboard girl at the Black Dog BAR, a bar created by Azazel.
  • The name of her Longinus, Absolute Demise, may be a reference to Absolute zero, the theoretical temperature at which atoms stop moving, referenced by the Longinus being ice-based.
  • As revealed in Slash/Dog, she is the only woman known to fluster Vali.



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