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Kuoh Town (駒王町 Kuou chō) is a location in the Human World and one of the main settings of High School DxD. It is currently governed by Rias Gremory.


The birthplace and hometown of Issei Hyoudou and Irina Shidou until her departure to England.

The Kuoh Town was previously under the care of Cleria Belial until she was killed by the top brass of the Devils after falling in love with the Exorcist Masaomi Yaegaki and discovering the dark truth about the Rating Game and the existence of the King Piece.

The church in this town was also abandoned following the assassination of Yaegaki, causing Touji Shidou to move out of the country bringing his family with him following the incident. The abandoned church was then used as a base by Raynare and her group to steal the Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing, from Asia Argento, but her plan was thwarted by Rias and her servants.

The Kuoh Town later became the target of the Fallen Angel Cadre Kokabiel and his followers, who targeted the town in hopes of starting another Great War by killing the Devils residing there.

After the incident involving Kokabiel, the top brass of the Three Factions held a conference in the Kuoh Academy to solve the existing issues among the Three Factions, creating a peace treaty known as the Kuoh Treaty. Following the formation of the Kuoh Treaty, the Kuoh Town became one of the important locations for the Three Great Powers alliance. It currently serves as a threshold for the Three Factions and the counter terrorist team, D×D.

Notable LocationsEdit

Hyoudou ResidenceEdit

The house of Issei and his parents. It was later renovated to fit in the female friends of Issei.

Kuoh AcademyEdit

The school that Issei and his friends attend. It's divided in four divisions.

  1. Primary
  2. Middle
  3. High
  4. College

Abandoned ChurchEdit

The church of the town, which was abandoned after the assassination of Masaomi Yaegaki. It was temporarily used as a base by Raynare.


  • The town's name wasn't given until Volume 19.

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