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The Khaos Brigade (禍の団(カオス・ブリゲード) Kaosu Burigēdo), also known as the Army of Disaster, is an organization in High School DxD. The Khaos Brigade consists of multiple races: Devils, Fallen Angels, Humans (who are descendants of legendary/mythological heroes), and a few (unfallen) Angels. They are the main antagonists of the light novels from the Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor arc to the Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions arc.


The Khaos Brigade was created by Ophis, the Dragon God of Infinity, with the sole purpose of removing the Great Red, one of the most powerful Dragons in existence known as the True Dragon, out of the Dimensional Gap.


The Khaos Brigade first appeared in Volume 4, introducing themselves to the world and attacking the leaders of the Christian religion's Three Factions. Shortly after that, the Khaos Brigade began to start many terrorist attacks, such as attacking the VIPs during Rias' Rating Game against Diodora, kidnapping the Youkai leader, Yasaka, and committing many other atrocious acts.

In Volume 11, the Hero Faction betrayed their leader Ophis after Cao Cao, the leader of the Hero Faction, sided with Hades, the God from the Realm of the Dead, and used Samael to steal most of her powers under the intention of creating another Ophis. This has resulted in the latter remaining in a presumed powerless state. However, Ophis released her powers in the form of snakes before Cao Cao came to steal her powers. As such, Ophis did not lose most of her powers.

As of Volume 12, the Khaos Brigade's two largest factions were greatly weakened by the loss of their leaders and various members. This has lead Azazel into speculating that the other factions of Khaos Brigade that have been lurking in the shadows will soon arise and take action. In Volume 14, Azazel reveals that there is someone who is trying to unify the remnants of the Old Satan Faction, Hero Faction, and Magician Faction.

In Volume 16, it is revealed that the Son of the Original Lucifer, Rizevim Livan Lucifer, became the new leader of the Khaos Brigade. He plans to reach the other world by having Apocalyptic Beast 666 (Trihexa) fight the Apocalypse Dragon Great Red. A new faction called Qlippoth was created and this faction plans to use the Sephiroth Graal to revive the Evil Dragons who are feared by every mythology.


The Khaos brigade is a loose knit association of various supernatural beings who are dissatisfied by the growing alliance of various mythological powers and seeks to plunge the world into chaos. Formerly led by Ophis who served as a figure head.

Old Satan FactionEdit

The Old Satan Faction (旧魔王派 KyūmaŌ-ha) is the largest faction of the Khaos Brigade consisting of Devils who are descendants of the original Satans: Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Leviathan.

Hero FactionEdit

The Hero Faction (英雄派 Eiyū-ha) is the second-largest faction of the Khaos Brigade led by Cao Cao, the descendant of Cao Cao from the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the one who betrayed Ophis. It is a faction of the Khaos Brigade that is allied with Hades, the God from the Realm of the Dead, and it is also one of the most dangerous faction of the Khaos Brigade due to its members being Sacred Gear, Holy/Demon Sword, and Longinus wielders.

Magician Faction/NilremEdit

  • Little is known about this faction, beyond the fact that it exists. It was first introduced in Volume 4 where the Magicians of the faction attacked the peace talks between the Three Factions. In Volume 14, it is revealed that these Magicians are those who were expelled by the Magician's Council.


Qlippoth (クリフォトKurifoto) is an organization that was under Rizevim Livan Lucifer, which main purpose is to invade other worlds using the Evil Dragons. For that goal, they seek to defeat the Great Red which protects the Dimensional Gap by reviving the legendary beasts, 666 (Trihexa).

The Qlippoth is first known when Rizevim reveals himself to be a part of the people experimenting the Sephiroth Graal. He eventually transform the Vampires in Tepes Faction into Evil Dragons to serve as his army. Rizevim later leads his army and successfully stole Agreas from the Underworld, using Agreas as his base and a place to keep 666.

Following the attack on the Heaven again led by Rizevim due to mischief, Rizevim begins to hasten his plans for reviving 666. After being beaten by Issei and killed by Fafnir, Rizevim uses his own soul to revive the 666 while Apophis and Aži Dahāka betrayed Rizevim, taking over his place as the leader of Qlippoth.

Under the new leadership of the two Evil Dragons, Qlippoth begins to attack various places and myths causing havoc even in the human world. Qlippoth, however, eventually met its end as an organization after both Apophis and Aži Dahāka are defeated in battle while 666 gets sealed in the Isolation Barrier Field.

Known members of Qlippoth includes:

Name Information Rank Status
Rizevim Livan Lucifer A Super Devil and leader of the Qlippoth till his death at the hands of Fafnir. Super Devil Deceased
Euclid Lucifuge Brother of Grayfia Lucifuge. Ultimate-Class Devil Imprisoned
Apophis An Evil Dragon also known as Eclipse Dragon. Evil Dragon Deceased
Aži Dahāka An Evil Dragon, also known as the Diablism Thousand Dragon. Evil Dragon Deceased
Grendel An Evil Dragon, also known the Crime Force Dragon. Evil Dragon Alive (Sealed)
Ladon An Evil Dragon, also known as the Insomniac Dragon. Evil Dragon Alive (Sealed)
Yamata no Orochi An Evil Dragon, also known as the Venom Blood Dragon. Evil Dragon Deceased
Níðhǫggr An Evil Dragon, also known as the Abyss Rage Dragon. Evil Dragon Deceased
Crom Cruach The strongest Evil Dragon, also known as the Crescent Circle Dragon. Evil Dragon   Alive (Defected)
Lilith Ophis' spawn and Rizevim's past personal bodyguard till his death Dragon God

Alive (Defected)

666 (Trihexa) The Beast of Apocalypse revived by Rizevim. Alive (Sealed)

Former FactionsEdit

Vali TeamEdit

The Vali Team (ヴァーリチーム VarĪ Chīmu) was a special team of the Khaos Brigade led by Vali Lucifer, the descendant of Lucifer and the keeper of Albion, the White Dragon Emperor and the arch-rival of Ddraig, the Red Dragon Emperor. The Vali Team was not connected to any of the factions of the Khaos Brigade and acted independently.



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