The Interdimensional Room is an unnamed room created by Heaven on orders from Archangel Michael, that allows Irina Shidou and Issei Hyoudou to pursue a sexual relationship without the prospect of the former becoming a Fallen Angel in the process. The room can be materialized anywhere instantly, by attaching a special doorknob to any normal door, which, in turn, will the doorway into a portal to the room. It made its debut in Volume 18.


The room has the appearance of a rather fancy bedroom and is decorated with Angel statues, portraits of various Saints and other religious items, to the point that Devils may feel uncomfortable by just walking into the room. Apart from that, the room is rather barren in terms of furnishing having only a desk, a chair, a clock, and a large bed with a canopy in it. The rest of the girls were in agreement that the room only served one purpose and that was to create children.


  • Akeno got herself a Grigori version of the room, since the Fallen Angels have become competitive towards the Angels, in terms of object creation.

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