Hindu MythologyEdit


For unknown reasons, Indra is gathering forces in order to combat Shiva although it has been stopped due to the time when Qlippoth and the Evil Dragons caused destruction across the world. Though he is eager to make war against him, he claims that he will choose to win over the Azazel cup and patiently waits, rather than recklessly challenge him into through war without any preparations.

Three FactionsEdit


Azazel distrusts Indra greatly, due to Indra keeping secrets about Cao Cao, and suspecting him to be secretly helping the Hero Faction. Though they seems to have certain respect to each other

Hero FactionEdit

Cao CaoEdit

Indra and Cao Cao have shown to get along well with each other with Cao Cao eventually becoming Indra's vanguard after Sun Wukong stepped down.

Main CharactersEdit

Issei HyoudouEdit

Indra and Issei do not really have interactions to each other. But Indra seems to acknowledge his power and strength, respect him but at the same time Sakra will not hesitate to eliminate Issei alongside his soul if he will be a threat to the world. Which is why Azazel protects Issei from Sakra from their inside matter. Indra considered Issei as a clown for his heroic efforts as Oppai Dragon despite being a Devil.

In the Volume 22 Indra enjoys the entrance of Issei in the Azazel Cup.


Sun WukongEdit

Indra's former vanguard, Sun Wukong complains about Indra ordering him around but still follows the orders given by Indra faithfully. They have seen get along to each other despite of his actions of supporting the Hero Faction.


Not much known of their relationship however Indra seems to respect Hades as he sends Cao Cao, Georg, and Leonardo to the Realm of the Dead to calm him after the confrontation of Sirzechs and Azazel.